Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I went to a picnic in Yoyogi Park.Wave decorated our spot with these felt flowers from the ¥100 store.

There was this pile of white things to eat.

I know everyone goes to Yoyogi Park for picnics, but there's a good reason. Yoyogi Park is really great on the weekend. It's full of people, bustling, everyone being all social and happy and doing strange stuff. Playing badminton, doing yoga, practicing their dance routines. People flit from group to group, even talking to strangers. It's one of the most social places I've been here, and much more fun than a bar.
J. made aloo tikka because she is a goddess.

K. made hobo coffee.
I highly recommend it. It's all raining and crappy now, but autumn is long and beautiful and I think there will be a few more chances before it gets too cold to sit outside.

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