Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Harajuku in a typhoon

I hate the advent of autumn, because it means that summer is over and winter is coming.

But I love autumn in Japan. I love the colors and the long sunny days. Like one of my students once said, "sunny days continue easily".

Before all that can start, we have an in-between season, one that heralds the coming of fall and sends summer a-packin'. And that's typhoon season. This weekend, a typhoon came walloping onto this part of the island. What to do? Go shopping, of course.

Princess J. and I headed to Shibuya and then Harajuku to hit up Omotesando.
With all that rain, it made sense to take refuge in Caffé Solare. They have boba coffee there.

And cute decor. I think I saw a tutorial of how to make this in Readymade magazine once.
A stop at Kinji (a 古着屋さん) for a sweater dress to welcome the season. And a stop at H&M to ogle the staircase.

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