Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've mentioned before that my house is chockablock with relics. There are so many dusty things in all the corners, things collected by my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents, locally and all over the world.

This girl wrote a post about having a case of anal retentiveness when it comes to her bathroom cabinet, and her fixation on using things all the way up. I relate to that so much, and it extends to not being able to throw things away even though they've been collecting dust for a really long time. And the packaging! Oh, the tins!

So here are a few things in the bathroom series of relics that I am unable to toss, convinced that I may still be able to use them someday somehow.
This one has a business address in Ghana. WTF.

Oh, mama.

The most stylish ethanol I've ever seen.


  1. Yay, thank you! And jealous! I think you've reached that critical point where even if you finish what's in them (and your hair or skin doesn't drop off), throwing away the packaging would be hard. The Softsheen Carson bottle has a flicked-up bangs and duck-tail styling vibe about it. If you know what I mean. Not very good with imagery.
    Nothing exciting in my cabinet in Japan. Although I've spotted a pot of Tiger Balm which is nearly out of date. It's a start!

  2. Yeah, I think that if it turns out the stuff is too rancid to use, I'll clean out the containers and turn them into earring holders and bud vases, I guess.

    Does Tiger Balm go out of date? I've got at least two half-used pots, one of the cold (blue-green) variety and one of the hot (reddish) variety. Must get on that, but what is it good for besides mosquito bites? Staying awake? Rub it under your eyes?

  3. It's good for stuffy noses.
    And seriously, I use it to wake me up and work when I'm just about passed out from boredom. I put loads of it on my neck and sit under the cold air-conditioning. :-)

  4. OK, I'll remember that for bouts of ennui. Thanks!