Friday, September 25, 2009

We'll always have Shit Axe.

I went to karaoke in Shibuya.
I didn't mean to, but I met up with an out-of-towner at an izakaya there and when I mentioned karaoke, his eyes lit up. He really wanted to go.
And Shidax was right down the street. (Aside: what are they trying to get at with this name? Another friend complained that their branding is bad because unless you know what it is, you have no idea what it is.) As it happened, out-of-towner is an architect, and one of his co-workers designed the first floor of the building, affectionately called Shit Axe by architect and co-architect. Actually, it's a monstrosity, which they freely admit.
Shit Axe had the best slogans printed on the walls of the rooms. And now it will forevermore be known by me as Shit Axe, where the Sloth Floats while the lazy oar plies harder.


  1. i feel like that slogan's pointing right at me.

  2. I know, it's like, how did they know? About my soul?

  3. ahahahaa i love the sloth float. love it. might put it on my own wall... if i werent so lazy

  4. Sarah, that's a tepid pursuit if I ever saw one.