Monday, January 30, 2006


I love the escalator system in japan. my favorite way to get up the stairs, especially at the train station, is to walk up the right-hand side of the escalator, free for just this purpose, passing all the static climbers on my left and all of the pure-exertion climbers on the staircase. it's the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

he's so metal

his name is preston but
he goes by 'malvar'.
which is the name that he uses when he plays
in magic tournaments.
he is often seen
in wife-beater shirts
and otherwise he wears black
and he has a goatee
and leather boots with four buckles
and wears a silver ring on his finger.
he mainly subsists
on pepsi by the caseload
and cigarettes
and i remember that
suicidal tendencies song.
but he is a nice guy
he has a girlfriend
her hair is dyed platinum
deadened by bleach
and i remember that
bleaching my hair in high school
and thrashing to the mosh part
and sometimes cutting patterns into my arm
or my leg
with a razor blade
and sometimes the initials
of thrashy boys
who played electric guitars in their bedrooms
and were sarcastic and funny in class
and did rock jumps in gym class
and once, one named billy
dedicated an air guitar solo to my in
the elevator of his apartment building.