Sunday, September 13, 2009

rooftop pretty

This girl
mentioned the roof garden at Takashimaya in Futako Tamagawa, and since my company's head office is there I had to go check it out. I've been in that Takashimaya quite a few times, but never knew there was such a treasure up top!

I got bread from my favorite bakery in Japan, Paul (try the sesame flute), and went upstairs. I don't do Starfucks, but there is one up there and they had a classical quartet playing! There are several other restaurants and cafés adjacent to the garden. But I just grabbed a drink from a drink machine and pulled up a table and read and studied for hours. It was wonderful!
Windy paths.
Cutest sculptures ever. Yes, the bottom turtle is talking on a mobile phone.

Pull up a chair.

A small shrine to Inari.

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