Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Putt putt!

Mini golf, putt-putt, bahn-golf, putter golf. I don't have much use for the real thing: I'm sure golf is a lovely sport, but I'm not very sporty and the time and money required to get going at Real Golf is too much for my relative lack of interest. But mini golf... mini golf is another story.
Mini golf is called bahn golf here, and though it doesn't seem to be a widespread phenomenon, there are a few courses sprinkled around the island. One of these is on the top of the World Porters building in Yokohama, overlooking the bay.
You can do a nine-hole "family course" or an eighteen hole course. The 18-hole course cost ¥900 and took a couple of hours to get through. Bring sunblock. Try the Indonesian restaurant downstairs afterward and tell me how it is.

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE putt-putt and just sort of figured it didn't exist in japan. i'm definitely plugging for a putt-putt date next weekend.

    speaking of which, this kind of looks like one. ;) or no?