Monday, September 28, 2009

Imagine Café

There's a little kissaten-style coffee shop near my home station called Imagine Café. It's a pretty place, of the kind that Beth mentioned: old-fashioned, run by little old ladies and serving menu items like Hayashi Rice and coffee jelly.
The name of the place might tip you off, but they only play Beatles songs on the hi-fi. And Beatles covers. Which can be lame. There was a Japanese bossa nova singer lady they played covering the Beatles in English and it wasn't that good. But the rest was nice.

My friend Danny played live there last week, and unfortunately I missed it. But he's playing there again on October 18th. There are a shit-ton of acts. Entry's free, just buy a drink. If you feel like coming out to Machida, come on out.


  1. boo its too far!!

    it looks pretty!

    nope, didnt go home... probably going home for christmas. would you like some south african omiyagae?

  2. Of course! I'll trade you some USA Oregon おみやげ。。。