Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rinko Park

One side of the Intercontinental Hotel: enter the park behind the distinctive sail-shaped building.

Everyone goes to Yamashita Park when they go to the waterfront in Yokohama. It's crowded with people, lovers occupying every bench. But for my money, Rinko Park (also called Seaside Park, 臨港パーク) is the spot. A short stroll from Yamashita Park and Minato Mirai, this place is much lonelier and more scenic.
It's vast and green with a few benches and lanterns dotting the spacious, undulating grounds. The crowd is sparse, and there are lots of places for interludes. There are a few sculptures, and the smell of the sea, and, if you're lucky, a group of teenaged boys will strip down to their skivvies and plunge into the bay.

Board a pleasure boat at Pukari-san Bashi


  1. Ahh Rinko Park is my park of choice too!

  2. It's the joint, right? Do you live in Yokohama?

  3. Yes I do! I looooove Yokohama...

  4. Me too. I've been spending so much time there recently!