Monday, August 31, 2009


Hafu Japanese is a project by Marcia and Natalie, photographing and interviewing mixed race and culture people in Japan and abroad who identify as part Japanese. They are exploring what it means to different people to be "hafu", "double", "mixed", etc. - pick your adjective.

I think Marcia and Natalie are a couple of people facilitating some really productive discussion about being intercultural. There are some very strong, intelligent voices in this conversation.

I was photographed for the project. The next photo exhibition will be held in 2010, but there is a talk and party on September 19th in Omotesando.


  1. What a great idea and such beautiful pics. I'm curious about this since my kids will be "hafu" ....

  2. Thanks Meg. They didn't take any pictures of kids under 18 - for obvious reasons. But there were some parents I met when I went, who had some interesting opinions. Actually I think the photography studio they used was owned by a mixed couple.

  3. Oh yeah, are you expecting now, or just planning? (^^)

  4. My cousin is hafu(?) (Japanese/Catalan/Spanish/English) (it's a complicated story...) - her partner is hafu (English/Japanese) - they live in Kyoto so may be out of the reach of this project? They are raising a child in Kyoto... she has many thoughts on identity...

    I am quarter Catalan - my partner is English .. but we are both encultured hafu Japanese... She says she grew up in Niigata.. and I say I grew up in Kobe...

    (from veganexplorer)

  5. Hi Oliver!
    Thanks for coming by. Yes, I think they're finished shooting for now, but they have had events in Osaka. They also have a group on Facebook and hold discussions online if you or your cousin is interested.