Thursday, August 06, 2009

Eagle Creek and Punchbowl Falls

The Polish Prince and I went hiking at Eagle Creek. He took two days off work and drove down from Seattle to do this outing with me. What a sweetie.Eagle Creek is a creek, trail, and camping area in the Columbia Gorge, just a short drive from Portland. I first heard about it from Mac and Tyler, who went camping there last year.

Tyler took me swimming at Punchbowl Falls last summer, and it was gorgeous. So I proposed this place when PP and I started talking about hiking and camping. Punchbowl falls is about two miles in, and you can camp after about three miles. It's a steep, hot hike, especially in the 100ยบ+ weather that we had when we went. But the falls and the swimmin' hole are freezing cold, and alleviate the heat quickly. After getting back on the trail, we soon got hot again, lugging our huge packs. We took a rest at a little clearing four miles in, and PP was starting to get a defeated look in his eye. I wandered a little deeper into the forest... and found a waterfall. The trail is dotted with them, but unlike Punchbowl, this one was tucked back away from the trail and deserted. No kids performing daredevil stunts. Just... rushing bliss, punctuated by the white noise of the falls crashing down. And looking up, nothing but conifers...

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