Sunday, August 09, 2009

Corvallis things

This town is changing, and I have fewer and fewer ties to it. My folks moved to Portland, and now I just have a few dear friends left here. The handsome old brick post office, where I spent so many nights hanging out in the always-open lobby, has jettisoned the old stamp machines that took pennies and dispensed individual perforated stamps, in a strip. What a shame.
(Displaying the kind of stamps that are no longer sold.)

Waterfront is all developed, but at least it's all indie businesses. China Delight, home of the most awesome sesame tempeh, and The Beanery, where I used to work, are still there. You can still walk everywhere in just a few minutes, and downtown is old and lovely and human-sized. This is the kind of town that Kunstler meant when he talked about livability.

And it still looks like this on the outskirts, where Tyler and Michelle had their wedding. We spent a lot of time as teenagers wandering around in the fields, filching corn and peaches.
Mac and me in our wedding gear.
I miss this place.

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