Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eating Portland

I love eating in Portland. It is so, so easy to eat tons of delicious vegetarian food. It's the main thing I miss about home when I'm at my other home in Japan. Nicholas restaurant has amazing Lebanese food.
The Farm Café is such a nice example of tasty Portland, with the old converted house and rustic feeling and fresh, local ingredients.
But visiting gimmicky Montage again was a disappointment. It's snooty and dirty, with trash on the floor and bland food. Why did I ever like that place?
Tanya showed me a little scene that's developed recently, and wasn't there when I lived in Portland. It's the food carts on Hawthorne, at about 12th or 13th street. This spot was buzzing until late at night the three times we went; I'm not sure how late exactly, but were surely still going at midnight on the weekend. The Mexican cart has a whole bunch of vegan burritos, including a cactus one; and the cart next to it sells fried vegan pies. I was in deep-fried heaven, with a tofu pot pie and a coconut cream pie. Wow.
Oh yeah, and Rocco's now has vegan pizza. What.

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