Saturday, August 15, 2009

To the Bay and back

C-bear and I drove to SF to attend Holly Awesome's wedding.
Stopping for gas at a Mom&Pop filling station along the way.

As soon as we got into the city, we made a beeline for Papalote, which I've mentioned before, and is my favorite burrito place in the Mission. We stayed with B-Doll, who works at the Starlight Room at the top of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. We met up with her there and hung out amidst big-spenders and champagne-drinkers under velvet and chandeliers. Funny.
B-doll lives in Berkeley, so when C mentioned that he'd never had Ethiopian food, I knew we had to go. Especially since it's one of the things I make sure to eat every time I return to the States, and the East Bay has tons of it. So we just drove down Telegraph until we found a place, Ethiopia Restaurant. It didn't disappoint. We also ate yummy gelato at the place which used to be Mondo Gelato but is now called something else and is next to the Downtown Bart station on Shattuck. And we ate falafel on the grass at Cal. And pizza in Petaluma. And I'll stop now, but oh! The food! I miss it!
Holly and Cleavon's wedding was beautiful and also awesome. And Holly was gorgeous in her dress that she made herself. I can't wait until she finishes her MFA and I can pimp out her designs to everyone I know. They had a Latin-flavor drumline perform at the ceremony. No "Here Comes the Bride" poppycock. So neato.

These kids thought so too.

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