Sunday, April 04, 2010

hairdo, oh yeah

I went to a gross smoky place and then to a friend's house. I couldn't handle the stench in my hair anymore so I took a shower. And they were all, you can use the hair dryer. I was like, you have a hair dryer? They were all, of course!

Of course? That is not my world. I mean, I have a hair dryer, but I never use it. It's not mine. It's from the 70s, and I love it. It's one of the relics. But I never turn it ON, for chrissakes. I mean, I barely owned a comb for awhile there.
Awhile ago Beth posted some videos about how to make simple, fabulous hairdos. I pretty much always have messy hair but I'm trying to do better, really.


  1. You did it!

    Everything looks good messy, IMO, not that I'd be able to do it neatly anyway.

  2. woo-woooo. sexy girl! :) your hair looks great! i too like to go with the messy/not trying too hard hairstyle.

    love the green hair dryer!

  3. You look lovely! Great pouting too, please teach me.:-)

  4. Thanks for the links, Beth. I'm working on the others too.

    Julie Ann, looks like messy hair is a consensus! That makes me feel better.

    Jennifer, I also do a great Billy Idol sneer.