Saturday, April 03, 2010


The plums were in full bloom in Ibaragi a couple of weeks ago, so north we went. 
There's a beautiful little macrobiotic soba restaurant called Nagomi in the town of Kasama. They have handmade soba and amazing vegetable tempura. It's so lovely. (Photo from their site.)
Next came the plum blossoms at Kairakuen.

The Tokugawa museum was pretty boring, except the parts where the Dark Side was winning.
And 袋の滝 (fukuronotaki) has all the minus ions you need to fight off the baddies for a week.


  1. I still don't really know what minus ions are, but I have them in my hairbrush, my hair dryer, an air purifier... I don't think they are working, I'm still mopey and lack lustre...

  2. I'd never heard of them before I came to Japan, but I think that advertising something that has the added bonus of invisible good vibrations is marketing genius.