Friday, April 16, 2010


I've been meaning, lazily, in the back of my mind, to visit a cat café at some point, just to experience it. Even though my house is basically a cat café.
And then on a long cold meandering walk, with the promise of spring in the trees but the reality of winter in the air, chilling our cheeks and fingers, we happened upon a tiny station on a four-station line running an intermittent two-car train. Hoping, hoping for a warm place to rub life back into our fingers, we found one little structure, little more than a lean-to made of corrugated plastic and wooden timbers, and a bright brave open sign, next to the little country station.
 The menu was standard kissaten fare, and I ordered the cinnamon toast and a cup of very good coffee.
PJ branched out, though, and had the grilled peanut butter banana sandwich. You read that right. For heaven's sakes.
And there were dogs running all around the place! Slobbery, fluffy, furry, nuzzle-faced dogs. Dogs that refused to be photographed! Delight!
I can justify putting off my visit to Nekobukuro a little bit longer.


  1. Cat cafe?! I've been meaning to go forever too! There's one in Shimokita, I picked up the flyer a few months ago! Issho no ikoooo! (too many exclamation points= too much caffeine)

  2. Yes indeed! There's one in Machida too, I hear. I'm up for it~~

  3. I would totally go to a dog cafe. Selena we should hang out, I need more friends and we could be soulmates.

  4. Bess! Yes! What happened to opening our own flea market booth? Complete with shared whiskey and blue tarp? I was totally up for that. I've been putting aside my wardrobe misfits and composing catchy slogans for a Sharpied sign.

  5. a) such things exist?!

    b) i like that photo of jess

    c) craving cinnamon toast mmm

    end of banal comments

  6. i have a suitcase packed for it! i'll throw it all out for like 50 and 100 yen. let's do this! i srsly want to set a date, especially now that the weather's warming up. i'll try to figure out the fees and stuff and let you know.

  7. Sarah: they do! Come and let's go!

    Beth: According to the link that's linked to the link you posted on your flea market page, most of the seller fees are about 2,500 per booth. That seems like a lot for one person, but split between two or three wouldn't be too bad. Especially if you bring a picnic and call it an all day. And a boombox.

  8. that's totally what i'm planning!

    i have every sunday off so i could go for whenevs. i have a couple of friends i've planned to do it with but i don't associate with reliable people. i'll check with them again. 2,500 a day is totally fine between a few people and a bottle of whiskey.