Tuesday, April 06, 2010

wiggly fingers

Sunday morning,  Den-en-toshi line, first train. After a night of birthday partying, darts, billiards, and roaming the streets with the other poor tired fuckers at 4 a.m., we finally secured some sweet corner seats on the slow local ride home and fell into a lazy doze as the train chugged its way west and south.

I woke up, confused, five or six stops later. I couldn't figure out why, for a second, then I felt something touching the outside of my thigh. Still sleepy, eyes closed, I wondered what was happening. A few seconds later, it couldn't be denied: I was being felt up by a chikan, a pervert.

After a few seconds of making sure and getting my bearings, I opened my eyes, turned to him, and loudly said,


Bordering on shouting.

Freaked out, frazzled, he nodded meekly and then stumbled out of the train car, dropping his wallet on the way and fumbling to retrieve it as he retreated. He was young, early twenties, maybe 23.

This is my second time being felt up on the Den-en-toshi line, which, I'm told, is full of hentai, along with the Chuo line. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to deck him, rip off his nipples, or haul his ass to the station police, but in my vulnerable confused state, it was all I could do to shout at him. In that state of mind, I couldn't even summon more than basic Japanese and yelled at him in English. My  message was clear, but it's easy to talk about what you would do when you're not in the situation.

Next time. Next time there will be a man with severe damage to his family jewels.


  1. Ewww...! And good for you for shouting, better than nothing. Blame the sexy up-do ;-)

    BTW, shall we go on a date soon?

  2. That sucks!!!!!!!

    I was felt up on the yamanote line a couple of years back around Ebisu/Meguro and I totally did not react the way I thought I would.

    I have heard the Saikyo line is the worse. Will definitely remember to keep my eyes out next time I am on the Denentoshi line though!

  3. people don't get that it's almost impossible to react quickly enough! by the time you figure out what's going on they've got a way out. it's usually a perfect crime. SO GROSS.

  4. urgh selena! this makes me even more scared to move to toks. Haha i am so lame it hurts

    the first time i was chikaned, i was so upset with myself and my lack of reponse. i was so dumbfounded i just stood there shaking until i could run off and wash my hands. i always thought i would scissor kick the ass down the middle of the train

  5. Jen, yes, let's go out! Art or drinks. Or both.

    Lulu, thanks for coming by! I read your blog every post. I don't think any line has a monopoly on losers, unfortunately.

  6. Sandy, it happened to me in SF too, on Bart.

    Beth, the other time it happened to me in Tokyo, the train was super crowded and someone just grabbed a handful of my ass as they were getting off the train. I couldn't even pinpoint exactly who it was. Fucker.

  7. Ugh I hate hearing stuff like this! I agree with Beth-it is impossible to react quickly enough and find the words to say something effective. Good on you for shouting at the guy!!

  8. Sarahhhhh, since it's happened to you already, I assume in Sapporo, you know "Toks" isn't that much worse. It's been 2X in almost 5 years. Anyway, I'm sure you'll scissor kick him if it happens again.

    Green, hi! Yeah, I wonder what I would do if I was actually alert and able to grab the situation? Unfortunately, they usually choose times when you WON'T be able to quickly react, either because it's super crowded, or you're sleeping, or in some other way vulnerable. So uncool.