Wednesday, February 17, 2010

graduation (or why my hair has looked a fright recently)

I'm a hoarder and a user. I'm not a penny pincher, but I am unable to throw away usable stuff. My phone is at least five years old and I inherited it from my mom. I have tons of mismatched dishes. I don't always love this way of being - sometimes I wish I could just throw it all out and buy new shit and start with a clean slate.

I actually like it when stuff well and truly breaks, when I've used it into the ground and it can't be used no mo'. Then I feel really justified in getting a new one.

Awhile ago, a long while ago, I got a hair trim at QB House. They use disposable combs there and when my trim was finished, the stylist gave one to me, saying he was just going to throw it away otherwise. I took it. Stuck it in my bag and occasionally combed my hair with it.

One day it broke in half. Then one half got lost.

I had some other hairbrushes and combs, but somehow they've all gotten lost or misplaced lately. So I was using half a QB House comb to (occasionally) de-rat my hair.

Due to the tangled nature of my neglected hair, the comb started to take a beating and the teeth started breaking off, one by one.

Last weekend I went to Sapporo and stayed in a cheap business hotel that included a bagful of "ladies' amenities". This bag included TWO, count 'em, TWO hairbrushes; a full-sized one and a folding model.

I feel I can finally retire ol' QB. Rest in peace.

(I also got a bunch of facial care samples and one of those emollient masks. They have collagen in them, however, which I don't want to use since I'm vegetarian. Anyone want them? I can post them to you.)


  1. Hey fellow anal retentive! We should start a support group.

  2. Will it involve coffee and crumpets? Sign me up!

  3. Oh! Crumpets!!! Where can we get those? *desperate fidgeting*

  4. I got a haircut today! So it doesn't look awful for five minutes. But only because of the stylist.

    I don't know where to get them, and I've never made them. But I suppose I should try. If you find a good recipe, by all means.

  5. Oh wow. I stay in a hotel at least twice a month and cannot resist taking the free toiletries in the bathroom. I must have a fold-up brush in each purse that I own, the glove compartments in our cars and even in my closets. I can't leave them behind. Glad I'm not alone.

  6. I know. I try not to take the ones that I think they'll leave there and that I don't need. But I worry that the packets of toiletries that come all bundled together, if broken into, will just be tossed wholesale.

  7. It never even crossed my mind that crumpets could be made...

  8. Apparently crumpet rings are necessary. This requires further investigation.

  9. thats just ridonculous!
    your hair was super pretty when you were here.

    but i am glad that sapporo supplied you with a new brush. sapporo. sigh. such a sweet place.

    and omg i feel like such a beeeeatch... and i shouldnt even type this here i dont think... but whatevs... you know that blogger who irritates me? well her latest post made me grind my teeth in a VERY passive aggressive way.
    just thought you should know

  10. Sarah, I know exactly what you're talking about. I was super irritated too. Grrr. (Tries to think happy thoughts with polka dots.)

    So, when are you coming to Tokyo? My family's in town the last week of March (from the 25th) but other than that you're welcome here! I have your bedroom all ready. We can go to Chinatown and Kabukicho.