Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Olympia Greek Restaurant

I've been spending lots of time near Kannai station in Yokohama lately. It's a pretty area, and there are many good shops and restaurants. I found this one randomly while looking for a dinner spot: Olympia. This Greek restaurant was homey and wooden inside, and felt like being in the hull of a boat. There were lots of things for me to eat: I got Greek salad, fried eggplant with garlic potatoes, spanokopita, and baklava. Yay for tasty veg choices! I also took the opportunity to nerd out and talk about mythology: Hera and Zeus and Achilles and my ...eponym? What's the opposite of namesake?


  1. Kannai is my karaoke spot. I might try that Olympia place, your description appeals. :-)

  2. what the heck IS the opposite of namesake?

    probably going to have to go with unnamesake... hmmm. technical sounding

  3. Jen B, what are your Yokohama restaurant recs?

    Sarah, I think you've got it. My unnamesake! Brilliant.

  4. Hmmm, I'm stuck really because until this summer, I was omnivorous. Hence my good recommendations all involve dead animals. :-(

  5. I think I'll pass on the dead animals. But lots of "ethnic" restaurants often have veg choices.

  6. Dear Selena,

    There is another Greek Restaurant in Kannai 5 minuets from the JR Station.
    We will be glad if you stop by our Restaurant next time. Our Restaurant is the first Greek Restaurant in Japan. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Sparta! I will definitely come and check out your restaurant. I am vegetarian, are there things I can eat at your place? The eggplant and the spanokopita look good - are the dolmades vegetarian?

  8. Sorry for my late responce:
    I heard that you came to visit our restaurant in my off day. I hope you enjoyed our food.

    Answer to your question, our dolmades are vegetarian.

    In addition, in this week, we have two vegetarian special dishes: Broad/Fava Beans with Yogurt Sauce;Potato and Beans.

    Thank you!