Thursday, October 08, 2009

Been watching

movies lately. Part of the weather thing. I finally got around to watching Hula Girl. I'm late, I know, I know. I just didn't bother because the title and cover makes it seem so fluffy and silly! But it was actually kind of good. I didn't know about the coal miners and the tar-paper shacks involved before watching it. It has the ever-adorable Yuu Aoi. I cried. But I cry a lot. Thankfully, these days, mostly when watching movies.
And I watched one called A Blue Automobile (青い車), with Aoi Miyazaki and Arata. OK, that doesn't mean that much to me because I don't keep up with the movie stars. But it was kind of dark and kind of funky. Good light. From 2004.
I made this cornbread tonight and I have more movies. Call me when the typhoon's blown past.


  1. wow. you are so very handy! you make cornbread! nom nom nom i want some. sigh just me and my pot noodle tonight cos i do not feel like cooking. stupid cold!

  2. I'll make you some. Come over and pick it up!

  3. That was good cornbread. Mmmm microwave + butter = D-E-Li-Cious!

  4. Hi, I see you've found me, little bro!