Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh, the hotel was beautiful. It was a creaky old ryokan-yado-ish thing, and it oozed antiquity. Built in 1907, Yasunari Kawabata stayed here, so it was fitting that we did too, as we were retracing part of the route of The Izu Dancer. I loved the veranda and the single-paned glass and the ancient vanity and the garden. Plus it was quite reasonably priced. Oh yeah, and rotemburo. Recommended.


  1. I Selena, what part of Japan are you in? = ) Thanks for visiting me!

  2. Hi April Marie! I'm in Machida, part of Tokyo-to but not the 23 wards, straddling the border of Tokyo and Yokohama. I'm about equidistant to the downtowns of both cities, and spend about equal time in each! You're in Aichi, is that right?