Thursday, October 15, 2009

Central Izu

Shuzenji is a temple and hot springs town in the middle of the Izu peninsula. It's a pretty little town with a graceful old temple, its claim to fame that a Minamoto (Noriyori) was held prisoner here many many (Heian period) years ago.
I liked this grouchy fat guy.
Piles of tiles.
And one million soba restaurants, including this soba shack. Wait, shack is too grand a name for this structure. How about soba fort?
There was also a public foot bath, which is always cool. Gave my tootsies a good soak in the super hot hot water. Everyone else had little washcloths to dry off their feet. I'm such a bad J-resident. Though I own a million little washcloths, I only manage to be a proper hand-towel toting lady a small percentage of the time. This was not one of those times.
I let 'em air dry.

This is Joren Falls, one of the many waterfalls in the area.
Have you ever wondered what a wasabi field looks like? I hadn't, but if you had asked me, I woulda kinda thought that it was a mountain-y, forest-y kind of plant. Which I guess it is, but I never thought it would grow in a marsh. Like this.
And expensive, damn. One plant, a root about the size of a fist, was going for about a thousand yen. I like me some wasabi, but at that price... maybe I'll stick with the stuff in the tube.


  1. haha grouchy old fat guy. and wasabi marsh. you are really educational, selena! :p

    soba fort. imagine if it was made out of soba. awesome

  2. Made out of soba would be even better, but I certainly like the idea of a fort dedicated to soba. Defending the fort with sharpened chopsticks and boiling water.

  3. Once again, with that comment about owning a million little wash towels and rarely having one to hand... Sei Shonagon right there! Plus my life. Spooky.

  4. Ha ha, yeah, I'm getting all Pillow Book on your ass. I wish.