Thursday, April 28, 2011

One day in Fukushima - by Axel

Here's a great blog post by one of my fellow volunteers, about going into the exclusion zone in Fukushima on the last day before it was sealed. Animals are now trapped inside and people are not being allowed to go in for them.


  1. Masa mentioned meeting you (At first, you actually scared him when you approached him...he thought you were one of my super-religious friends preying on him *lol*) Sorry I didn't try to track you down. Are you still in Niigata? Tell me so you can be fed properly. I am going to try to make it to Maki tomorrow...don't know how Reo will handle being around the animals but if he freaks out Masa can take him out to the car. Two of my students are considering adopting from the shelter- one a cat, one a dog. I am thinking very hard about how and if I can too- I SO want a dog. Wish I knew a thing or two about cats but I don't. Reading about Buddy made me want to take him...seriously, what is another boy in the house right- he would probably be quieter than the other three *lol*. Fingers crossed I make it there tomorrow. You are awesome Selena. Please don't hesitate to ask me for anything. Just walk over here room 510- nibankan. I have a few days with no big plans so if you are in Niigata I can whip up some vegetable curries or tofu quiche or something. I can even leave it at the hotel front desk for you guys.

  2. When I click on donate, it takes me to my paypal account but it doesn't automatically link to your paypal account. so, what email address do you use for paypal?

  3. Lily, I'm really sorry if I freaked him out! I know it was kind of strange to approach him, but I recognized your boys from pictures and Sora and the stroller from the other day and I thought I shouldn't just walk by.

    I have foster forms and am working on getting a flyer translated for you. Be sure to call AFN before going out! But I know they need dog walkers and such. I'd love to connect with you again soon.