Friday, April 01, 2011

where we're at

not the supermarket - Akihabara station last week
Today at my supermarket, the escalator was working - it wasn't on yesterday. But they were out of water. Things are slowly but surely grinding along, but everything's still just a bit off kilter.

This week I've been putting together packages for Rescue Japan (rice and blankets), Socks for Japan, and Paper Cranes for Japan, which is based in Seattle and is giving $2 for each crane received, up to 100,000, for a total of $200,000. As of yesterday, the number was still only around 12,000, so you still have time to get yours in.

And finally, I volunteered at Second Harvest last week with my mom and wrote an article about what they're doing at CNNGo.


  1. I really like what Second Harvest has been doing. They are both organized and so much "boots on the ground".

  2. Yes, they're very hands-on, and very very organized. The first time I volunteered with them, I was impressed at the attention to management, the careful counting of portions and servings and people. They keep great records and always know what goes where.