Friday, April 15, 2011


There are a wealth of old bento boxes in my house. Not just plastic containers, but retro aluminum ones with slide-on chopsticks holder, an oval one with a painting of flowers, a lacquer one in a square shape with a handle that a friend called "samurai's bento".

All this stuff, I want to get some USE out of it! I picked up this beautiful book called 菜菜ランチ, a vegan Japanese lunch cookbook that features so many beautiful bento and home lunch ideas.

I made the carrot dry curry, one of the first recipes in the book, and it was so quick, healthy, and delicious that I posted about it over at Green Zebras. Yay vegan Japanese cooking!


  1. Oooh lovely! You should set up a bento service. For me.

  2. That sounds super good! I bookmarked the recipe so i can make it sometime.

  3. Thanks guys! I need to figure out how to take photos of food at night. They always turn out so yellow... but that's mostly when I cook!