Wednesday, April 20, 2011

animals, my friends

Hey there - I've started volunteering with JEARS up in Tohoku, helping to rescue animals in this area. I wrote this update to send to a few friends and thought I'd post it here too.

Hey everyone -
I thought I'd dash off a quick email tonight. I arrived in Niigata today (upper West Coast of Japan, across from Fukushima). Niigata is where one of the shelters of JEARS is based, Animal Friends. I connected with the group in the city and took a group out to the shelter to tour it and meet some of the rescued animals, and also to drop off a cat that had been picked up in the exclusion zone of Fukushima the day before.

There are more than 200 animals being held in the shelter; they say there are 10,000 animals wandering Fukushima alone, including dogs, cats, other pets, and livestock that have been abandoned. It's a momentous task and not one this group can do alone.

Tomorrow we head to the tsunami zone and to the Fukushima area. I'm driving a group and doing some translation. Everyone I've met so far is really great and they had a bunch of vegetarian curry pouches donated by an Indian food company, so I'm even fed! Excellent.

I'll update more when I can - early start tomorrow and looks like a full day. Love you all.


  1. Here I am in Niigata and I had no idea about this organization. I just checked out their website and the work they are doing sounds amazing. Another great link so thank-you again.

    I know you are here on serious business but if you have time before you take go back why don't I treat you out for coffee or wine? Did you take the Shink? I am steps from Niigata Station so even if you contact me last minute we can work something out. email me if you have time (

  2. You are officially my number one favorite person in Japan.

  3. Thank you Lily and Jen for your awesome support! You guys are the best. Kisses to you both and hope to see you soon.