Thursday, November 25, 2010

this is really cramping my style

I went to the post office to mail a big package, a birthday present to my mom... only to find that, as of November 17th, we are no longer allowed to ship packages heavier than 453 grams (16 oz.) to the U.S. Wha?
The clerk couldn't tell me how long this would continue, but I suspect that it's connected to the recently rigidified airport regulations, what with their full body scans and strip searches. That place is moving more and more into a police state. I really really hope that it's temporary and we aren't just getting mired further and further into the muck.
The ability to write - a root of democracy
I love love love sending parcels and packages and the post office is a regular stop. I guess I'll have to bust out my digital scale and learn the art of small post... but this is a serious bummer.
What speaks like post? Emails are nice, but there's nothing like getting a letter or a parcel. These stamps are just a few from my grandma's extensive and scattered collection. It seems like she kept every letter or postcard she ever received. I'm like that too.


  1. Yeah, i remember hearing about the shipping restrictions.. sucks for a lot of people. And i'm not looking forward to taking a plane home this Christmas either. Haven't taken a plane since last Thanksgiving so i haven't had to deal with all of this ridiculously beefed-up security yet. i can understand taking precautions, but there's definitely a limit, and radiation body-scans and assault-worthy "pat-downs" i think qualify as over that limit. :-/

  2. Yup really not relishing the thought of possible strip searching. This is getting out of hand. How about better technology? In Japan we have those machines that test your bottle of water to make sure it's not explosive, but even though are getting phased out in favor of big brother.

  3. I think you will have to blow her a kiss with those rates.
    send her one from me too!!


  4. Thanks Scooter. Will do. xo

  5. The body scanners have stopped my flying as much , given that the TSA aren't allowed to wear dosimeters I'm wondering just how much radiation those things spit out. You wouldn't go to the hospital or dentists and let "carl the new guy" a totally unlicensed person give you x-rays so why should we put up with that at airports?

    love the blog!

  6. Thank you Steve!

    I'm not looking forward to my first scan/pat down. I heard on NPR that even bra underwire can set it off and require a pat down.