Saturday, November 06, 2010

I am a genius!

Today I took my coffee to work in an empty coke zero can. Yes!!!


  1. that IS genius! and the photo is cute too. i made salad dressing in a water bottle today. repurposez

  2. Hot coffee, initially, Kaba.

    Yesss! Andy! I took whiskey to the flea market in a mason jar today.

  3. Would you like my "eco-cup"? It has "Adecco Career Up School" printed on the side. I never use it... and I just know that the description of is too hard to resist. I love career-upping in general (planning to do some myself).

    Nice socks!

  4. Oh no no. I have eco-cups aplenty. Too many, probably. The problem with them is then I have to lug around a slightly wet, may drip in my bag, heavy ass bulky cup all day. Coke can I throw in the recycling after I'm done.