Tuesday, November 09, 2010


What the hell is the point of escalators that only go halfway up... and make you walk the rest of the way? How is it possible that so many stations lack elevators? In a city that depends so heavily on public transportation, this is a nightmare for people who lack mobility.


  1. This is truly the one thing that astounded me (and my Japanese wife from Sapporo) when we went to Tokyo together the first time... just how few modern conveniences there are when it comes to elevators and escalators.

    I still remember us struggling up and down the train stations with our luggage. Not a fun experience.

    I always wondered how people with reduced movement (either handicapped, or even with temporary injuries) get around. It's a harsh life in the big city.

    I know it's improving slowly... but the city has a long way to go.

    PS - Sapporo's just a little better (maybe).

    PPS - so how was the SDR gig on Saturday - and the flea market?

  2. We made the same experience when we went to Hamburg (Gemany) with our stroller. Cities are just not made for things like that.

  3. Ben, I know! The US disability advocacy groups would have a damn cow.

    Sapporo does seem better - but it's generally a well-planned, modern city. It was laid out with wide parallel streets in the first place and isn't such a sprawling mess.

    Actually, attitudes toward disability in general in this country are pretty poor, I'd say.

  4. Salome! Darling! Is that you???