Thursday, November 18, 2010

pretty boys selling mascara

Surely you've noticed this. There are a whole lotta mascara ads out there... featuring pretty femme boys NOT noticeably wearing mascara. Proof:
and let's not forget
and last but not least, (*edit) Jun Matsumoto:
What do you think is the reasoning behind this advertising? 
If you wear lots of mascara, you will date a boy like this?
Embrace your inner tranny?
These boys are prettier than you without makeup?


  1. Wow - that's really interesting. I searched around, here's the Matsumoto Jun CM --
    It looks like they are going for the "I am a cool guy presenting you with an awesome product just for you" approach, almost as if he's taking care of you... which reminds me of the mascara campaign that Maybelline did last spring/summer, actually, using a famous actor. They created a website for him where girls could pretend he was helping them with mundane everyday tasks like housework.. sounds weird now that I try to explain it!

    I think it's really interesting that a bunch of mascara companies are launching men's ads for female products though!

  2. Oops - you're right, that one is Jun Matsumoto! Sho Sakurai is the one with the really close together eyes, right?

    Johnny's. Can't keep em straight.

  3. Oh I know what you mean, I only really know Matsumoto because of Hana Yori Dango!

  4. Well there was that CM playing on the train just awhile ago with Hiroki what's his face in sort of an idol video, and the viewer is seeing through the girl's eyes, and Hiroki is looking into them, and she creeps up on him on the couch and he wakes up and goes Oh my darling what lovely eyes you have, let me sit up and lean closer and look deeeeeeply into them and then he makes tea and shit and it cuts to a closeup of a girl's eye fringed in the long mascara magical lashes and in her actual eyeball you see Hiroki's face looking all smitten and mesmerized. What I'm trying to say is I get what they're doing I think?

  5. OK, so please wear this mascara my darling, if you do I will be mesmerized by you!

    (I think the girl in the top ad is really freaking scary.)

  6. But the girl in the third ad is pretty hot.