Tuesday, February 02, 2010

you get the ankles, I'll get the wrists

Some of my threadbarest socks have been sprouting holes lately.
So rather than mend them or throw them out, I've been cutting off the feet.
And with a quick snip of my scissors, voila! Instant arm warmers. It's the current trend at my house.
It makes February a little bit better.


  1. I have that lip balm. I also have chipped mugs and threadbare socks.
    I like that as title for a memoir perhaps: "A chipped mug and threadbare shops: fighting for survival in TEFL Japan".

  2. SOCKS. Not "shops". Although I like the thought of "threadbare shops". It evokes a tatty Meiji era taking a stand against modernity.

    I was vomming all night yesterday (no alcohol involved), hence rambling.

  3. Insert "shop" after "meiji era".

    ALRIGHT, I'm leaving!

  4. Ugh, looks like you still haven't kicked that thing. Sorry. I forgive you any typo you may have!

    Beth, see? My HOUSE is a flea market!

  5. Jen, I love this lip balm. It is the only one for me. And the chipped Moomin mug is my favorite.