Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rice noodles and peanuts in the hood

There used to be a great restaurant in the warren of alleys in Machida's stomach (原町田 (I know that this hara is not the stomach hara but I like calling it Machida's stomach, so)) called Pattai. The staff were super cute, friendly, and smiley, and since I went there all the time I even started to make friends, kind of, with them, the head waiter/manager guy showing me pictures of his kids and introducing me to his wife and telling me about his family troubles.

And the food was really really good and best of all they were happy to make anything vegetarian for me. After the first few times going in, I didn't even have to ask.

One day, we went in for dinner, and the old staff had completely disappeared. The sign, the name, the location all the same, but a 100% turnaround of staff.

What happened to them? we asked the new staff.
They quit... came the nervous reply.

How fishy. And the food wasn't good anymore. When I asked if they could make it veg, they ran around, confused, and had hushed conferences. Hmph.

So I was woefully Thai-food less for a few desolate months, until I discovered this place:
They're friendly and nice and know what veggie food is and are happy to make it. It's tasty. My Thai food empty place is filled.


  1. How intruiging... I hate it when the gossip is off limits :-)

  2. I know... I really hope I run into my favorite guy sometime so I can extract the details. BUT knowing how great and rad they all were, I don't really want to support the restaurant if they were either mass fired or mass quit.

  3. i looove thai food!
    we have a thai place in utsunomiya that we were so excited to find. the thing is that the service is horrible, the waiters so unfriendly, but the food is so good! needless to say, we frequent that place often!

    next time you go back to your new spot, take some pictures and post them. pretty pleeeease? I love food photos :)

  4. Will do, Julie! Thai place in Utsunomiya... sorry the service is so sucky! I wonder why?

    My friends used to live in Sano and we would frequent the Indian place there. They were super friendly.

    I take food photos all the time, but they usually turn out pretty bad. I could use some tips! I think it's the low light close up; it's hard to get a good shot, even though my food isn't moving.