Saturday, February 13, 2010


Princess J and I went to the Historical Village of Hokkaido, a few snowy miles outside of Sapporo. It was very picturesque, with the huge drifts mounding in the pathways and the old buildings and the one horse open sleigh.But I think the best part was the cab ride over. The cabbie was really excited to have us in his cab, and then wondered if we could follow his English. His "English" turned out to be a rendition of "Hey Jude". Of course, I sang along enthusiastically and he beamed in delight. Next he asked if I knew any songs in Japanese, so I busted out into "Ue wo muite arukou" and he sang too. Not quite satisfied, he suggested that it would be better to do a "jazz-poi" version and started making cymbal and snare drum noises with his mouth.

Karaoke taxi. I think it's a good business model! Anyone want to go in on a cab with me?


  1. i have never been. hmmm. i think i will have to wait until someone comes to visit and then we can go together.

    and by someone i mean Jen B

  2. You might have to make a visit down south in order to convince her!

  3. Oooooh the pressssuuuuure! :-D