Monday, November 02, 2009

two more

There is no rhyme or reason to how I pick out movies, I just grab things by the cover and whether it has subtitles. Often I find that I don't really need the titles, that I can understand most of what's going on. But once in awhile, I am completely lost. Teenage conversations? I can follow. War crimes tribunals? Not so much.Hana & Alice. This movie was weird, with many sequences that jumped around and seemed unrelated, but eventually added up to form a whole that made sense. I read that this started out as a series of short films (30!) for Kit Kat, but was so popular they made it into a feature. That explains the strung-together construction. Still, I enjoyed it. The main plot point is that Hana convinces her crush that he has amnesia and is in love with her. But it's more about friendships and burbling adolescent emotions. Quirky and not very saccharine for a movie about teenage girls.

Goyangireul Butakhae (Take Care of My Cat in English) is a K-flick about a group of friends, around 20 years old, living in Incheon. It's about growing up, I guess. I liked seeing the cultural differences between Korea and Japan. My mom said it was slow. I like slow movies.


  1. hey, i have that movie. take care of my cat. i only got half way into it before i could finish it. it was on and i caught part of it, so i taped it.. yes with my vcr. it reaired in the middle of the night hence the vcr. that was back when i had cable, and a working vcr player. but the tape in on my bookshelf to finish. (^_^)

  2. Hey Scoot! It was pretty good, finish it when you get the chance.

    Really strange that you wrote today, I dreamed about you last night!!!