Wednesday, November 18, 2009

banana and coconut

Somebody come help me eat all this.

Cream cheese frosting. HEAVEN.Adding coconut? GENIUS.

Oh yeah, and silicone pans are pretty stupid. Silicone spatulas? Brilliant! Silicone Silpat-style baking sheets, for going under cookies and things? Great! Floppy ass pans that bow under the weight of the cake you just baked as you're taking it out? Suck.


  1. i'm a huge fan of the individual silicone cupcake molds. you just use the number you need, and it eliminates the need for all those paper cupcake tray liners. i also have a silicone cupcake mold that makes 12 mini hearts and it's always flimsy and hard to pull out of the oven. but the hearts kind of make up for it i guess.

    and that cake looks delicious. am adding it to my "to make" list. :)

  2. Yeah, I have some of those molds, but I still prefer the paper ones. More breathable. It doesn't matter if your whole batch is going to get snarfed up within a day or so, but if it's more than a day, the sog factor sets in.

    However, I DO love those molds for using in my bento. They make great pickle/cookie/carrot piece dividers!

    Also, I love Orangette, even if she has been on hiatus lately. The archives have some gems.