Friday, November 06, 2009


This morning on the train a chimpira-ish boy made eye contact as we were heading toward the stairs. I didn't think much of it, but right as we approached the ticket gate, he paused, hung back, and then went through right in front of me. He touched his wallet to the Pasmo sensor. It flashed red, and the gate slammed shut, but he squeezed through the slim space and booked it, leaving me stuck and seemingly redhanded.

Fluke? I went through a functioning gate and continued my transfer to the subway, just a few paces behind him. He did it again entering the underground. The station agent didn't blink as the buzzer went off and the gate turned red, but just pushed a button and the gate went back to regular function.

Mostly I'm laughing to myself, because, what a punkass! But I'm a little miffed on two counts.

First, I think the little fucker set me up, looking to shift the blame.

Second, when I pulled that kind of crap in my miscreant youth, the gate guards almost always pursued me.

I am feeling just a tad oppressed. Fight the power.


  1. what a smooth operator!!!!! can't believe.

  2. The power of naughty boys or of gate guards?

  3. Cheeky, right?

    Jen, the oppresssssssssssooooooooooooorrrrrrrrr!

  4. That would be boys in general then. I love boys. :-)

  5. I love boys too. But not when they oppress me. I guess I'm not "M".

  6. Yeah that has happened to me once. I wouldn't say my miscreant youth is yet over though. Just today I made it from Naruse to Higashi-Fussa, all the way to Nagatsuda on a single 130 yen ticket. I am bad. Broke + bold = bad.

  7. Is Higashi-Fussa the station with no gate guards and the free ticket printing machine?