Friday, June 25, 2010

Get 'em before they go

It's firefly season you guys, but only for a couple more weeks. They are impossible to take pictures of, so here's one from the interweb.

This year, I went to Chinzanso, a really pretty hotel with beautiful grounds that's famous for hotaru, and last night to Shikinomori Koen (四季の森公園) near Nakayama station in Yokohama. Right now is Heike firefly season. Heike fireflies are smaller than Genji fireflies, I guess because the Genji clan won.


  1. holy crap, i want to go. i went one year to one with my sis and her friends up a mountain and at a temple to see all the flies.

  2. Ohh that sounds so beautiful. Do you have fireflies in Texas? I don't remember any but I was small. I heard there are a lot in the midwest.

  3. that was in japan when we went.
    i am sure there are a lot in texas, just never where i have lived..

  4. I don't think I've ever seen one in Oregon either. xox