Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I too took pictures of the strange beefcake that started gracing cigarette machines a few weeks ago. I see him every day on my way to the station.
Ok ok but then first Tokyo Moe and then Sarah and then Beth posted about it. Actually Beth and I talked about how she should post about it or send it to Tokyo Moe for him to post it but he beat us to it. Less talking, more action, people.

Then today we were in Ueno and saw a new version of the ad and I just had to throw my hat in the ring.
Come hither.
I really wanted to ask this guy what he thought of the ads, since he was smoking right next to the poster, but he steadfastly ignored me.
This reminds me of those old Doublemint Gum ad commercials. Except: triple your pleasure. Triple your fun.
Although I'm pretty sure I saw this guy in a biker bar in the SoMa district of San Francisco, I don't think Winston is actually trying to target Japan's gay demographic. I think they're trying to equate smoking with healthfulness, in some desperate twisted way. Smoking = virility! Smoking = muscles! Finally, the cigarette that will give you bodybuilder buff has landed in Japan.


  1. He is such a confusing chap; a big man-baby striking dainty-buff poses.

  2. I love dainty-buff! I hope it catches on.

  3. I think I might understand this man in the way I understand the pain in the toosh from an all-you can-do spinning class at the gym.

    Needless to say I no longer cycle to syth-pop in lycra nor smoke. So Winston demographic I am not, but unashamed fan i have become! Pro Dainty-Buff revival :)

  4. Ha! Dainty-buff revival! Work it, ladies. I'm counting on your. (Of course, I'm talkin' to you too, Winston.)

    Congratulations on your marriage, Jdrama!

  5. Counting on... er... you.

  6. Triplets = triple the ugliness. Looking at this image, I am not sure if I am more ashamed to be gay or Amerikan. The waxed thighs are the fuggliest ever!

  7. Jared, I'm with you. I much prefer the emaciated hipster standing in front of the poster.

  8. poor poor winston has been replaced with a strange looking foreigner with fireworks shooting out the top of his head, nice new take on the mohawk =s bring back winston =D

  9. Hi Anaïs,
    Yeah, mohawk just doesn't thrill me the same way Winston does. Bo-ring.