Tuesday, June 08, 2010


 I've mentioned in passing my affection for Freshness Burger before.
 Lately they've had even more of my attention because they released yet another veggie burger (the third one on their menu): the beans burger.
And it's really good. Made from three kinds of beans and oatmeal, topped with tomato, onion, and mango chutney. It's a whopping dose of protein, very filling.
 And nicely washed down with one of their refreshing drinks. I know this is basically an Italian soda - lime syrup and seltzer, but they put half a freaking lime in there! Try it.


  1. oishisouoooooo~!


    scoot. :D

  2. Hi I'm Aya.
    I stopped by here by coincidence!
    you seem to like Okinawa:)
    I've been there only once.
    but I like Okinawa, too.
    about base problems are difficult.
    Because japan want to the base to other places, per say Oosaka. but US doesn't want.

  3. Hey Scoot - oishikatta yo! Issho ni tabero~ xoxo

  4. Hi Aya,
    Thanks for coming by! I do like Okinawa. But it seems to me that the Japanese *government* (pressured by the U.S.) wants to move the base, for example to Fukuoka pref., but the *locals* there don't want it either.

  5. i will eat one tomorrow and i shalt think of you selena. and send you good beany waves.

  6. Hi selena!
    yeah, most people don't want the base to move to the town where they live.
    If the base isn't a place for the base, it's OK. but...
    by the way you're from where originally?
    how have you been in Tokyo?
    I wanna become friends with you:)

  7. Sarah - beany waves?!?? Uh-oh. I'll have some perfume ready. I'm excited for you for the World Cup!

  8. Aya -
    I'm from the US and I call the west coast my other home. How long have I been in Tokyo, you mean? 5 years.

  9. Oooh. Incentive to just stick with it. What about the chips (fries)?

  10. The fries are okay - potato wedges, a little herby. But not crisp at all. Soft. I like 'em, but they don't satisfy that deep-fried craving.