Saturday, March 06, 2010

very superstitious

Tuesday was hina matsuri (ひな祭り), Dolls' Festival, or Girls' Day. It's also sometimes called mimi no hi (みみのひ), another 語呂合わせ and a play on the 3/3 date. The dolls are hideously expensive (often in the several thousand dollar range), and then if you don't put them away in a timely matter, you're dooming your daughter to grow up to be an old maid. Like there isn't enough pressure to get married and procreate.


  1. "Mimi" means "cute" in French. Could be useful.

  2. How about "jolie"? Seems I picked that up somewhere.

    Cute seems appropriate since little girls like to call rabbits "mimichan".

  3. Jolie = pretty.

    Mimichan. Aww. I love rabbits.

  4. Have you seen this post?
    Really. Wanna. Go.