Wednesday, March 24, 2010

for those of you living on the edge

Taking out money from the ATM a few days ago, my lightning fast fingers were too nimble for the tiny mechanical brain to compute and instead of 2 man, the machine spit out... 2 yen.

Eureka! Coming from the land of minimum 20 dollar withdrawals, it never even occurred to me that I could take out so little. Did y'all already know this?


  1. I've done that! Haha! I was amazed at the endless wonders of Japanese ATM machines too!

    May I even say that I loved that I could withdraw 3 yen? I know you won't judge me harshly for not being cool.

  2. Three yen! O-ho, big baller!

  3. SRSLY? i didn't know you could take less than 1000 and i hate it when there's like 657 in there on the last day of the month and i'm hungry. thank you my friend

  4. Anytime, B. I got your back.