Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'm never gonna make friends this way.

Today I was at Doutor typing away and working. I had magically somehow found a wayward wifi signal and was blazing along.

I went to a rock promoter's website FOR WORK and checking some venue information FOR WORK and suddenly... AC/DC came blasting out of my speakers.

I rushed rushed to find the button to turn it OFF FUCK OFFFFFFF but ended up twiddling it back and forth a couple of times before managing to silence Mr. Screechy McMullet.

Lost ANY cred I had with my fellow crap coffee purveyors.


  1. Hoho! I say, embrace Brian. Instant cred and bonus points if you wear a vintage Metallica tee (say, Ride the Lightening) with skinny jeans, high heels and bright pink lipstick. Plus red nails. I'm serious! Everyone will be in awe of you and want to be your friend. Let's try it!

  2. Jen, my metal baby, I am not talking shit about Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeath, or even Guns N' Roses. I had a headbanger moment and I most certainly wore flannel. But AC/DC, I cannot abide.

  3. My spelling is going to the dogs...

    Not meaning to kiss your arse or anything but I agree about AC/DC, they were never a fav. We should do karaoke yeah?

    Metal Baby (yours)

    (good pseudo, hope I get to use it for something...)

  4. Karaoke YES, I'm overdue.

    I warn you that I tend toward deep-voiced divas rather than screamo when choosing songs, but I will dance and throw the goat if you pick one.

    I also can't take the credit for metal baby (though it fits you so well); I stole it from Teenage Fanclub.

  5. We deffo have to schedule it. I'm committed via public exposure now...

    Can you make up a new edgy pseudo for me?