Wednesday, August 08, 2012

secret discounts

Looking to splash out a bit on my lunchbreak and lacking my usual pbj, I found what seems to be the only Indian restaurant in Shinyoko, Maharaja on the 9F of Cubic Plaza, connected to Shinyokohama station.
They have an 850yen lunch special that gets you your choice of curry, a huge naan bread, and a small salad. There are three vegetarian options, the dal tarka, the navratan, and the palak paneer. The server guy came around and spotted my keycard badge, which I had tucked under my shirt - but he saw the telltale strap around my neck that marks the salarynerds populating the area. "Choose a drink," he told me. Sa-bisu (complimentary) for company workers. I hadn't seen this written anywhere on the menu or at the door, but at his prompting I also picked out a lassi. Pretty nice to get an unexpected secret discount when you weren't expecting one. I guess most kaisha-in are easy to spot. We know you when we see you.

P.S. It turns out you don't have to be a salarynerd - I found this coupon which gets you a free drink whoever you are (with food purchase).

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