Friday, August 31, 2012


On the last night in Oki we caught a festival at Yonabaru town - kind of a summer bon festival, but Okinawan style.
There was wrestling, there was cotton candy.
There was music and dancing, and drumming, and drum-dancing.
My friend S who grew up in Oki said we couldn't miss Eisa - a kind of drum-dancing found at local festivals.

I love the guy who runs around in face paint, looking scary and whistling and messing with the crowd.
I love the chiming in of the singers who sing ahirihiri on top of the main body of the song (these shots/catcalls are called kakegoe 掛け声). I was told it means "I like it like it."


  1. Loved watching and listening to them. Hopping around with a drum on your hip is amazing.
    By the way, I love that psychedelic shirt on you.

  2. Thanks! It was so cool - really an experience.