Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The parade continues

Shima and Nicki have gone into foster care in other homes, yay! They're both doing a lot better and got well enough to move into quieter quarters. But just as they cleared out, here comes... Sakura!
Sakura is actually Chiro's daughter, and is from the same household in Namie, Fukushima. Her owners are still living in temporary housing and have still not been able to return home. Sakura came to us already a whole year ago, only six months old, and went into foster care in Tokyo with the wonderful Mrs. T. However, Mrs. T is having some health issues and needs a foster for her foster while she is getting them addressed.
So Sakura has moved in too.
Luckily, she and Poppy are getting along like gangbusters. Since Poppy is still a puppy and still doesn't completely understand dog socialization, Sakura is acting as a mom figure and doing some training. They wrestle and play, until Poppy bites too hard... then Saku-chan delivers the smackdown. Poppy is learning.
By the way, Nakio's family has decided to keep the name despite my exhortations to change it if they liked, and explaining that it was just a nickname. Crying Boy lives!