Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kitty City

You may remember Yam-kun
Cat central around here. Hime got adopted, but Poppy is still here, and in addition to the sorta-feral-but-not-totally-but-enough-that-I-can't-really-wrangle-him-into-a-cat-carrier (Kuroneko) Yamato (aka Yam-kun), Nicki, Peetie, and Shima have all come down from Fukushima to have dental surgery.
Nicki is very demanding of your attention

They got their chompers pulled at the always fabulous TNR Clinic (I really need to do a whole post on them, they are an amazing, compassionate resource for animal welfare in Japan) and are now recovering at mi casa, aka the JCN satellite shelter. This place is a zoo. 

Sweet Shima was very finicky before surgery because eating was so painful. This skin and bones girl has put on some poundage (ounceage?) since the operation.

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