Thursday, October 21, 2010

More stuff I did in Oregon

It was really hot one day, and we went to the soapbox derby race on Mt. Tabor. We gorged ourselves silly on vegan pastries from Sweetpea Bakery and sat around in hats amidst scratchy weeds.
We bowled at a benefit for the food pantry where Kelly works, and won all kinds of stupid keychains and slices of pizza.
I played lots of scrabble in bars and parks and living rooms. Represent! I miss scrabble.


  1. I so want to form a scrabble posse! You down for a game and a coffee?

  2. I'm down for the scrabble too! Just saw a scrabble ring on a B-list celeb and was jealous. That's just how much I miss the game!

  3. I have a scrabble necklace, given to me by the girl I played the above game with!

    Let's get together for a game! I believe you're in touch with Jen, so when you get back we should arrange it.