Monday, October 18, 2010


The guy standing next to me on the Denento-shitty line (thanks to Saki for coining that name) just picked his nose and ate a gooey booger. Twice.


  1. gross!!! On the train I once watched a 40-something year old woman use both fingers to penetrate her nostrils searching for a snack whilst she carried out a conversation with her 2 friends sitting next to her. I made direct eye contact with her and held it for at least 5 seconds and she didn't stop at all... mind you, she was a foreigner (and perhaps a little mental?)

  2. i saw a guy really goin' at it a couple weeks ago. i actually found myself mesmerized by the whole thing - i will admit i understand the need some times (though never in public and with a tissue and prompt handwashing!), but he had absolutely NO qualms about doing it on a fairly full train for at LEAST 10 minutes!! ew times about 10.

    looks like they missed a really good "do it at home" poster...ha!

  3. So gross! Oh man, I'm totally not a germophobe, but even I get a little sicked out by the nose pickers who then quietly resume using the hand straps.

  4. I would die.

    Remember when that man burped on us? I couldn't get my thoughts together I was so angry/nauseous.