Thursday, September 02, 2010

99 li along the sea

It's the first day of fall, or something. And after August is finished, the beaches get all deserted. Hardly anyone goes swimming. The season is over.
I ask you: does it FEEL like summer is over? I know *I* just bought another box of popsicles.
I think not. Let me tell you a secret: you can still swim for a few more weeks! Maybe even into October! And the water is still warm and there's all that lovely elbow room.
I think 99 Li Beach, or 九十九里浜, in Chiba, is the nicest beach I've been to in mainland Japan. It's long (99 li is equal to 66 km.) and broad and white and there are waves and there's plenty of space to stretch out in.
And if you're in the neighborhood, I really recommend stopping by the Brownsfield Organic Farm.
They have a beautiful macrobiotic café on weekends, and lodging in treehouses.
It's about a 2-3 hour drive from Tokyo, so I think it's definitely an overnighter. Please go. And bring me.

Although if you're going to Zushi or Shimoda anytime soon, I wouldn't sneeze at the chance to go to either of those beaches.

Quick, before summer really IS over.


  1. What the fuck!? I'm finding out about all these awesome great places around Tokyo AFTER I leave. But I guess I was just not in any kind of head space to even think about relaxing and doing good things. Sleeping was the only break I got.

    This is WH btw. I will be following you here, now that the old home is gone at the end of the month.

    take care!

  2. Oh I want to go to the beach! Looks divine all barren like that - just as I like it!

  3. WH, I'm sure you'll find lots of awesome places in Osaka to tell us about. Waiting for it!

  4. Jdrama, ugh, I was supposed to go to the beach at Kamakura last weekend but something came up. Fingers crossed for one more session before the typhoons take over!

  5. OMG Zushi beach is crowded and ghettoooo. Never go there unless it's to windsurf. I like Morito Beach, even tho it's rocky and Ninomiya/Oiso. As for it still being and the SO were wearing flipflops today, which everyone else had on Ugg boots and leather jackets. Go figure.